Unlock the full potential of AI apps without stressing over tokens

Develop cutting-edge AI apps with ease and forget about counting tokens – Tiktokenizer seamlessly monitors your app's customer usage, enabling a transparent and fair billing process for your valued users.


Zero-friction AI development.

Easily use OpenAI's Chat API.
Tiktokenizer forwards your request and its body to OpenAI's Chat API
Get AI responses and track usage all in a single request.
Tiktokenizer automatically tracks users' tokens on every request
Moderations API integration.
All requests are sent to OpenAI's Moderations API before being sent to their Chat API
Real-time token usage.
Show your users their token consumption via our usage API
Refresh tokens periodically for subscriptions.
After billing your users at the end of a subscription, refresh them for the next billing cycle
Simple usage.
Copy and paste pre-built code snippets directly to your project

In-app visualizer

Example request

fetch("https://api.tiktokenizer.dev/openai", {
headers: { Authorization: "Bearer <DEVELOPERS_OPENAI_KEY>" },
method: "POST",
body: JSON.stringify({
email: "<APP_USER_EMAIL>",
appId: "<APP_ID>",
developerKey: "<DEVELOPERS_API_KEY>",
model: "gpt-3.5-turbo",
messages: [
{ role: "user", content: "Hey ChatGPT, what's the capital of Portugal?" },

Example response

"message": "The capital of Portugal is Lisbon.",
"usage": {
"totalTokens": 25
"newUserCreated": false


Top-tier data representation, built right in.

Usages and bills, out of the box.
Track billing (ChatGPT and GPT-4) for each user
Simple interface.
Navigate through your app with beautiful UX
Filtering and sorting.
Search up your users by email and sorting in multiple fields

Zero-friction AI app development for all.

Deploy AI apps faster than ever
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